Saturday, 22 April 2017

Welcome to Tekcore

Maximize effectiveness. Limit mistakes. Increase accountability. Enhance efficiency. Automate operations. In today's business condition, these are a couple of prerequisites that companies are faced with to effectively meet their tracking demands. TekTrack├é® is the entire answer for these demands, making tracking easier than ever some time recently.

Tracking Made Easy

TekTrack is an easy-to-utilize tracking framework intended to meet all of your inbound tracking demands. Never waste time and cash searching for a lost package again. With TekTrack, you can feel certain about where your packages are at all times. TekTrack liberates you from blunder inclined manual tracking while at the same time automating daily tracking operations to maximize your productivity. To make your employment considerably easier,

TekTrack offers an unmatched number of hearty features including alerts, notifications, and our own particular SmartScan├ó„¢ innovation.

Tekcore's Tektrack is a venture arrangement intended to use your current corporate system and assets productively. Regardless of whether you require tracking for a solitary office or numerous facilities around the world, TekTrack was intended to expand seamlessly with your organization's needs.

Enhanced Efficiency

Nothing makes a tracking framework more valuable than one that is intended to take care of business right the first time. TekTrack allows you to save time by shaping the tracking procedure and user experience to your organization's needs. It automates redundant operations, allows various assets to be updated simultaneously, and bolsters numerous sorts of notifications

Advanced Security

In today's innovation age, ensuring your company's electronic assets is to a great degree critical. Tek-Track's advanced security ensures against unwanted system access and attacks, uses data encryption, and gives secure customer and server communications. Additionally, you can refine access control for your organization's individuals through the assignment of user and gathering consents.

Increase Accountability

Regardless of whether handling several assets a day or thousands, Tekcore's Tektrack is a great software allows you to track in real-time. As an asset travels through your organization, you can find when it arrived, where it is, and when it is passed on instantly. You can even give nonsystem users secure access to screen specific packages inside your tracking framework.

Unparalleled Capabilities

TekTrack gives you one of a kind tracking functionality and an unmatched arrangement of features. It gives a hearty web interface that allows you to perform most tracking operations from anywhere inside your organization without requiring software installation.

To simplify daily operations, users are able to specify inclinations for regularly utilized tracking features. Additionally, TekTrack offers a one of a kind module architecture that allows you to integrate it with any hardware of your decision. For a more detailed rundown of features,